TPO 37 Integrated Writing Task

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TPO 37 Integrated Writing Task

The reading passage explores the disadvantages of TED, which is a special passage that allows endangered sea turtles to escape from the net, and several reasons are given in support of this argument. Although these points seem reasonable, the lecturer casts doubt on them, indicating that there are solutions to solve these obstacles.
To begin with, the author indicates that TEDs can pose some negative financial impact on some shrimpers since some shrimps can flee through the passage and the low possibility of capturing a turtle. Conversely, because of the large number of shrimp boats accidentally capturing thousands of turtles and the low population of turtles, the lecturer suggests that, regarding TEDs, we should consider the effects that the shrimp industry has on turtles rather than the impacts on individual shrimpers caused by TED.
Second, even though the author proposes an alternative that shortens the time that the nets are allowed in the water, the lecturer finds it impossible. The government might find it difficult to monitor the limited time of all ships. In contrast, before the ships leave port, they can readily check whether all ships are equipped with TED. As a result, the lecturer argues that TED can be practical.
Last but not least, the lecturer acutely identifies the weakness in the passage that some large turtles cannot fit in the TED and escape. The lecturer points out that the larger size TED can be manufactured without affecting its function. Accordingly, large turtles can benefit from TEDs as well.

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