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TPO 42

The reading and the lecture are both about problems of using glass in buildings that is harmful for birds. The author of the article provides three solutions for keeping birds from buildings with glass appearance in order to keep them safe. The lecturer disputes the claims made in the article.

According to the reading, using one-way glass is the first option for solving this problem. The article mentions that if the birds cannot see through the windows they will avoid getting close to buildings. This specific argument is challenged by the lecturer. He claims that the one-way glass looks like mirror and reflects around. Additionally, he points out that if birds see the reflection of sun, trees, or sky in the windows, they fly right into the windows.

Secondly, the author suggests that using colorful designs might keep birds apart from buildings. In the article, it is said that painting lines or other designs on glass with open parts makes the building recognizable for birds. The lecturer, however, asserts that birds see the opening parts among colorful designs like open hols and go right into them. He goes on to say that the opening areas need to be very small, but in this way inside of building comes dark.

Finally, the author posits that making magnetic fields around the building can keep birds apart. The author contends that using magnetic compass can affect birds' ability of recognizing magnetic field and make them aware of building position. In contrast, the lecturer's stance is birds use magnetic field of the earth just for long distance trips. He notes that birds do use direction of light and the position of the sun in the sky to finder direction in short distances trips like flying to each side of cities.

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