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Tpo 43

The text talks about the creatures named arthropods that have lived on sea and offers three ways to explain how they had lived. The professor casts doubt on the mentioned ways, categorically refutes them one by one.

First, the passage put forward the idea that the arthropods were hunter swimmers creatures and they have been feed on smaller organism found in the ocean. The lecturer, On the other hand, refutes this idea, elaborating that other type of arthropods have a well developed eye sight, But the primary species of arthropods lack such eye sight and vison to track their pray and chase them. othervise they sould have other sensors to detect and follow their prays but there was not any evidence on their fossils.

Second, the author in the passage demonstate that they may have lived on the seafloor. In sharp contrast to what mentioned, the speaker professes that the other organis dwelled on the sea floor have stayed on the local part of their breeding place, feeding on remaing parts of other organisms and are not able to go far or fast. Nevertheless, the arthropods was found in many places shownig that they were able to move fast and long distance. Thus, It is not plausible that they were seafloor dewwelder.

Third, the text states that there is a possibility that the arthropods were parasits eating their food on larger dcreatures. However,The woman in the listening part points out that if the arthropods were parasits., heir numbers must be limited since the other creature that they had feed on them would died out. because there are limited number of parasaits that a primitive fish or other arthropods can suppy food for

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