TPO 43 integrated writing

The reading passage and the lecture have a discussion on agnostids' behavior and hobbits. The reading mentions three potential theories. On the contrary, the professor considers none of them would be persuasive with certainty.

First, the author suggests that agnostids are free-swimming predators, However, the opinion has been opposed by the professor with new proof. The professor says that most predators in the water tend to have a large developed eye with significant vision, but agnostids' eyes are tiny and nearly blind. The opinion has been challenged heavily.

Moreover, the reading claims that agnostids are dwellers who live on the seafloor, while the lecturer states that species that live on the seafloor normally stay in a certain region and move slowly, and agnostids do not match the condition. Hence, it differs from the reading again

Finally, the author believes that agnostids were parasites that live on larger animals. On the other hand, the professor in the listening material maintains that the parasite population needs to be limited to a certain number or the host will die, but agnostids must have a larger population to become fossils we found. Thus, the reading has been refuted again.

Therefore, the speaker departs totally from the opinions on the topic made in the reading.

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