TPO-46 - Integrated Writing Task In the United States, medical information about patients traditionally has been recorded and stored on paper forms. However, there are efforts to persuade doctors to adopt electronic medical record systems in which informa

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The reading asserts that using electronic medical report is more effective and more beneficial rather than paper forms. The lecture however finds the idea dubious and casts doubt on the reasons proposed by reading passage.
First, the author argues that using electronic records reduce the cost and also can easily access. Conversely the lecture brings up the idea that, this way does not have significant impact on cost reduction since doctors keep their papers with their signature for their backup information, so this way is not efficient.
Furthermore, the reading passage holds the view that using electronic records would remove human errors and reduce the chance of errors. On the contrary, the professor underline the fact that it would not eliminate possibilities of errors since they still use papers and take note by hand, and maybe at a late night they enter poor and wrong patient information into electronic forms.
Finally, it is stated in the reading passage that in this way researchers have easily access to these information and lead to development in research.In contrast, the speaker dismisses this issue due to the fact that the researchers would not access to patient information easily due to privacy laws. The researchers should obtain many permissions especially patients' permission, and they have to follow many rules so they can not access to these records easily.

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