TPO 48 - Integrated Writing Task

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The reading passage and the lecture are both about the issue of declining in the number of frogs in the world. More specifically, the writer discusses the environmental alteration endanger these animals, and some solution has been represented in order to inhibit their extinction. The lecturer in the listening passage disagrees with all the mentioned ways and provides some evidence to refute them.
First of all, the author begins by stating that the increase in the utilization of chemical pesticides could threaten the frogs' nervous system, and as a result, it will be harmful to their breathing. The lecturer, however, disagrees. She declares that putting some policies for reducing pesticides usages will not be economically useful. Because, with a decrease in using this type of pesticides, the farmlands will lose many crops.
Furthermore, the author claims that the researchers should exert some preventing ways in order to inhibit the presence of the fungus. In fact, the fungus can give rise to thickening the frogs' skin which leads to enjoying a decline in essential water absorption. Again, the lecturer believes there are flaws in the writer's argument. The speaker holds that the prohibiting approaches for this threat must be applied individually for each frog that will become extremely difficult. Moreover, She says that this modification will not pass through their generation, and ought to exercise again for their offsprings.
Lastly, the article mentions that some changing in the frogs' habitats should be employed since they are threatened by its affection, such as surplus water usages. In turn, the professor in the listening part is doubtful that this is accurate. She states that the mentioned modifications are not safe enough. In addition, she indicates that these are not actually serious problems. The main issue is regarding the global warming caused by human activities, and should be limited.

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