TPO-48 - Integrated Writing Task In recent years, many frog species around the world have declined in numbers or even gone extinct due to changes in their environment. These population declines and extinctions have serious consequences for the ecosystems

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According to the passage, it is the authors' conviction that three mentioned method in the passage would save the frog populations. However, the professor casts doubt on this claim and reject each method by providing some evidence which will be explained in the following paragraphs.
Firstly, the reading asserts that chemical pesticides are harmful to frog so laws should prevent from using pesticides near sensitive frog population. On the other hand, the lecturer refuses this method by pointing out that it would cause serious problems for farmers as the farmers utilize pesticides to increase their crops and keep the prices as low as their competitors. As a result, if they want to eliminate pesticides, farming would not be economical for farmers. Consequently, this method is not practical enough to be applied.
Secondly, the writer states that fungus cause infection in frogs which lead the frogs to death, hence, the antifungal medication should be done on the frogs. Conversely, the professor implies that this method should be applied in each frog which makes this method significantly difficult. She also adds that frogs can not pass this to their offsprings so this method should be applied again and again.
Thirdly, the passage postulates that frog habitats should be saved from human utilization as human use water in the lake is harmful to frogs. On the contrary, the professor mentions that human utilization is not a problem for frog habitat and their habitat is damaged by global warming. Thus, this method is not beneficial for frog populations.
In conclusion, the professor expresses that none of the methods has explained by the author is applicable.

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