TPO 6 Summarize the points made in the lecture being sure to explain how they cast doubt on specific points made in the reading passage

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TPO 6: Summarize the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they cast doubt on specific points made in the reading passage.

according to the passage, the communal online encylopedia might be attractive but it have many problems that make it worthless than traditional encylopedia. The speaker however, stated that the communal online encylopedia benefits outweighs it negative effects and stated that the points mentioned in the passage are ignorant about the benefits of communal online encylopedia.
To begin with, accordind to the passage the chance of error in communal online encylopedia are more as the informations is contributed people with lack of academic credentials. The speaker however, stated that there are no perfect encylopedia even the traditionals encylopedia have some errors. Moreover, the error in online encylopedia can be altered but in tradationals encylopedia errors stayed there forever.

Secondly, online encylopedia are vulnerable to data fabrication and can be easily corrupted as mentioned in the passage. How ever, to overcome this problem online communal encylopedia put crucial facts in the atricle in read only section so, information can not be edited. Futhermore, the other strategy allows only special editor to make changes in the important information. Therefore, tampering and fabricating data is also not possible in communal online encylopedia.

Finally, information in internet is too vast even small details about the topic is given which creates false impression to the reader that what is important or what not.How ever, according to the speaker, this is the benefit of online communal encylopedia that they have plenty of space in which great variety of data can be mentioned.More over, in traditionals encylopedia have limited amount of space so they only add limited information which is crucial to the topic. Hence, online encylopedia have the great adavntage of unlimited amount of information over traditional encylopedia.

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