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According to many archaeologists, due to the specific configuration of a device excavated in Iraq in 1938, which consists of a copper cylinder surrounding an Iron rod, it could possibly have been used as a battery in the ancient time. Although the author is casting doubt on the proposed application of this device, the professor believes that the reasons argued in the passage are not persuasive enough, and the device could be an ancient battery. The professor's reasons to justify his claims are as follows.

Firstly, the author states that since no kind of conductors or wires has been detected near the excavated object, it is very unlikely that this device had been used as a battery for electricity generation. The professor, however, opposes this statement by referring to the fact that this device had actually been found by local people rather than trained archaeologists. Therefore, it is possible that people had found wires, but since they did not know its application or importance, they might have missed it or even threw it away.

Secondly, the passage claims that such copper cylindrical devices have been found in the other archeological sites, such Selecuia in Syria. According to the author, it has been proved that these cylindrical vessels had been utilized for holding scrolls of religious texts. Although the professor acknowledges this fact, he disagrees that the detected object in Iraq had the same function. He suggests that it is very likely that people had found another possible application besides the primary function of the vessel. Thus, it is possible that this device had served as an ancient battery.

Finally, the author believes that electricity had no usage in the ancient life. However, the professor repudiates this idea as well. He believes that the battery could have been used as a source of power to convince people that the owner of it has special supernatural powers by, for example making a mild shock. Besides that, he suggests that such mild shocks could have had therapeutic applications for reducing muscle cramps or even relieving pain in patients.

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