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The lecture and the passage discuss the possibility of life on planet venus.The author of the passage states that conditions are not favorable for humans to survive on venus. The lecturer challenges the viewpoint by mentioning that it is possible for humans to live in venus.

Firstly, the author of the passage argues that the atmospheric pressure on the surface of venus is extreme that any spacecraft landing on the surface will be crushed in an hour indicating that living on venus cannot occur. The speaker refutes this by suggesting that when the station is floating in venus atmosphere and not on the surface the problem will be solved. this is because the pressure will be the same as that on the surface of earth.

Secondly, the writer of the passage posits that there are no water reservoirs and its atmosphere has other gases like carbon dioxide, nitrogen and sulfuric acid not permitting lives. The lecturer opposes this point made by the author. He explains that water can be produced by the chemical reactions with the gases on the planet venus. Therefore, it is not essential to import water from Earth to live on venus.

Thirdly, the author of the passage mentions that little sunlight reaches venus' surface which is reflected back to the clouds. Likewise, below the cloud a dense layer of carbon dioxide exists which will block more light. As a result it will be not possible to use solar power cells for electricity. this point is also rebutted by the lecturer. The speaker elaborates that fifty kilometers above the cloud sunlight is available which is not reflected. this can be used to power the solar cells.

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