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Both the author of the article and the lecturer's statements revolve around the problems that astronats have to face during their visit to the mars and the predicted solutions for them. The author profoundly believes there are three plausible hypotheses which all together attest that normous obstacles could prevent the human from travel to mars. However, the professor calls all the mentioned claims into question since they lack enough evidence to be considered credible. In fact, the professor believes there are several projected solutions for these problems and addresses, in detail, the trouble with each point in the reading text.
First and foremost, the author of the reading states that compered to the moon mission, travel to mars could take at least two years and due to the limited weight of the spacecrafe, the astronats are not able to carry enough food.The professor repudiates this fallacious belief by reffering to more strong evidence. according to the lecturer, human can use hydroponic to cultivate food on the spaceship and by doing that, they can also reuse the water. Additionallly, she goes on to say that by growing plants, they can increase the oxygen level while reducing co2.So this hypothesis is excluded and not convincing.
Another hypothesis presented by the essayist, hold the idea that great medical problems can affect the astronats during their trip, because of th zero gravity environment; while, is not adequate to prove that human had face this problem logically. Nevertheless, The qrator explicitly addresses this point when she states that astronast already have the experience of living on the space station without gravity for a long time. She elaborates on this by bringing up the pont that by using the vitamines and doing regular exersises, astronats not only can maintain their muscular status, but also they can keep their bone density in a proper level. thus the secound claim is also ruled as the result of more decisive fact which is offered by the professor.
Finally, the author brings his arguments to a close by suggesting that travelers can damage severly by sun radiations.while he actually ignores one crucial fact. Not surperisingly, The lecturer takes issue with this calim by contending that the sientists had overcome this issue by inventing some equipments to decrease these radiations and also, providing a shield on the spaceship.He notes that by using these two protocols, they can pretected from sun radiation in it's harshest periods. Consequently, This hypothesis is also based on kwrong reason.

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