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Companies use advertisements to influence people to buy things sometimes which they don’t need. Give your opinion about this practise.

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Nowadays, television advertisement is one of the best ways for attracting consumers on a large scale and must of the companies spend a lot of money for TV commercial programs in order to propagate their products. As a result, it is an ongoing debate about whether most advertisements make products seem much better than they really are or not. Although multitudes of people think that advertisement in most of the times show reality and facts about products, in my view, they mostly deceive people by saying incorrect or unknown information about products. The following paragraphs are set to elucidate my reasons.
First and possibly the most important reason why I agree that advertisements are deceptive is that advertisements usually repeat one message about one product again and again and it causes that consumers tend to believe that message while it is not true. As a case in a point, TV commercial about a car shows a driver always stops to pick up his friends and narrator always says that it is a rummy car, it has a plenty of place, it is a car for our family and it causes that people accept that it is a big car while it is small car.

The second aspect that is deserved to be outlined is that advertisements usually use celebrities to advertise products and since people believe that celebrities are trustworthy, they trust them for buying products. As a practical epitome, when a popular celebrity advertise a race car and he says ''I love my fast car'', people think that car is really fast while it is not so fast.
Last but not least, advertisements usually utilize fantasy in child commercial and it is hard for children to distinguish reality and fantasy. Thus children want to buy them as a result of fantasy characteristics of advertisements while in fact; these characteristics are not really correct.
In a nut shell, taking all the aforementioned reasons into consideration, we may draw conclusion that advertisements usually use some ways for advertising products which are not really show facts about them.

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