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How widely do you think the problem spreads that people spend too much time on work than their personal life and experience time shortage? What problems it cause

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The issue raises a debate about a problem that people spend a lot of time on their work and reduce their leisure time. The point of dispute calls for its analysis by various perspectives. However, it seems that it causes many negative effects.
There are a plethora of problems associated with this phenomenon. The most prominent is that a gap between personal life and professional life is appeared, and people spend less time with their families and friends. Furthermore, another critical concern is working for long hours in offices causes some problems with health, for example, obesity, hypertension and depression. To cite an example on this question, a study conducted by the University of Western Australia has shown that people spending too much time on their work have a 20% more chance of heart disease than people who work part-time.
This problem can be solved according to the following rationale. Essentially, it is crucial to note, that employees should work part-time or take a day off in the middle of the week. Moreover, this solution is well supported by the fact that they can pay much more attention to their children and friends having free time together in the cafes, gyms, art galleries or cinemas. Hence, it apparent that there several impressive solutions.
Summing up all the point above, it can be concluded that there is no doubt that the harmful effects of working too much on their jobs are indeed too great to ignore.

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