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As a result of advances in medical care, average life expectancy is increasing for men and women. Do you think most people will see this as a positive development? What are the disadvantages of an ageing population for individuals and society? Support you

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It is universally praised by the people to live healthy life as much as they can. And it is possible in this modern era to fulfill their this dream because of modern facilities provided in the hospital sector. But this shows result in argument in positive way as well as negative way. Let us examine both views before reaching a concrete decision.

To commence with, the advancement in medical care have increased as compared to previous days. And the people who said that it shows the positive effect in humans in several ways . One of them is that the modern facilities of hospitals are providing better treatment of diseases which was not there a decade ago. Moreover, the sophisticated surgery has become much easier by the help of modern robots which increases the success rate of operation. For instance, the medical association of India has declared that they are using Augmented Reality bin the medical field to identify the root of the disease. Hence, the medical innovationa are blessings for humans.

Those who stay with the negative impact of medical innovations claimed that this will cause overpopulation. And the elderly people's ratio is also increasing day by day which will show negative effect in nation's economy which creates a huge burden for the government to incure the cost of these citizens.

To recapitulate, medical advancements have both, it's pros and cons. I personally believe that medical innovations are boom to humankind and the government has to show more responsibility to manage the ageing population.

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