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Integrated Essay

The passage states the different ways of disciplining a child and supports examples how disciplining can affect self esteem. The professor mentions about the advantages and disadvantages of using each method.

Firstly the passage mentions about the using of power to discipline students. Disciplining students by this method generally means by taken away the most valued possession of the child. This could include taking away the child’s toy or if older the child’s car. This would be harsh and would be a good way to instill discipline. The professor mentions that this kind of method would lead to low self esteem among children.

Secondly, the passage mentions about the technique of withholding of affection to discipline children. This would be basically to reject a child or refusing to talk to him. The passage suggests that this way of discipline would make the students nervous in future. The professor mentions that the method of power as well as withholding affection is both risky to implement. Since both the methods would result into low self esteem for the child. That is why parents should use both these methods very cautiously. THe professor mentions that discipline is a reinforcement of good behavior and methods to discipline a child should hold to this.

Also the passage mentions about the method of management to implement discipline. This method constitutes implementing age appropriate techniques. Also methods of praise and approval are included under management. The professor approves of the theory of management. He states that this method helps in improving self esteem .Parents should make use of this method frequently. They can reject a particular habit, or reject a wrong by reminding the student about the praises he received for all his other good actions in the past. There can be limits set for negative outcomes. This technique would be even more beneficial for increasing self esteem. According to professor, this technique should be widely implemented to instill discipline amongst the students.

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