A zoo has no useful purpose Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer

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A zoo has no useful purpose. Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer.

Some people claim that zoos are useless and it is a cruelty to keep animals confined in small cages. However, from my point of view zoos are very important institutions where people can learn about environmental conservation and that every living being is part of the food chain. Besides it, zoos are also able to protect animals on the edge of extinction.

To begin with, zoos play an important role in our society. Even though, most of the people have a misconception that zoo are places where people go there with their family to have an enjoyable day seeing different species of animals, actually zoos are much more than a window where animals are exposed for people’s amusement. Zoos are important because they can protect animals on the edge of extinction. Zoos are one of the places where scientists can be close to a wide variety of species of animals and learn about their eating behavior, their mating habits and collect data whenever they feel like to. This way, by having a deeper knowledge about the animal, scientists can help species that are in danger by using for example the IVF (in vitro fertilization) technique to assist animals that are on the edge of extinction.

Second, I cannot deny that not so long ago, animals are not treated as they deserved since they are also a living being. At that time, animals were confined in small spaces where did not allowed them to move as it supposed to. Their diet was poor and inappropriate. However, with the advancement of scientific studies and research all of those conditions have changed. Nowadays, animals are confined in larger cages and some of them even imitate their natural habitat. Their daily diet is controlled by dietitians with a balanced amount of vitamins a minerals. Moreover, research has shown, animals which live in the cage even live longer than animals that live freely in the wild.

Finally, above all zoos are important because visitors are able to learn about animals and be acknowledged on how important environmental conservation is. In order to the new generations to be able to see animals freely in the wild, people have to protect the environment other than destroying our remaining forest and savannas to build more human settlement and pushing animals on the edge of extinction.

To sum up, despite of the fact that animals as a living being should have the right to be free in their natural environment. Living confined in cages can also bring a lot of benefits for their species as well. Because, scientists can have a deeper knowledge about the animal and protect those that are in danger and people are able to learn about the nature, the food chain and to be aware of once the food chain is broken the new generation would no longer see animals hanging in the wild.

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The essay is not well organized. One paragraph in essay body can only talk about one reason.

better like this:

para 1: introduction. my choice: A or B. agree or disagree
para 2: reason 1
para 3: reason 2
para 4: reason 3 (optional)
para 5: conclusion: because of reasons 1,2,3, so i choose A/B or agree/disagree.

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