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Student Art Display

The university currently considering possible locations on campus for displaying paintings and other artwork by students. I think the lobby at the student center would be a great location. Since many students pass through the Student center every day, artwork displayed in the lobby would be viewed by hundreds of people. Also, because the whole front of the building is made of glass window, the lobby is filled with natural light. This makes it perfect for displaying artwork, which should have plenty of light to be seen and appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

Paul Sands.

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Student’s letter suggests that lobby is a good place to display students’ artwork. However, the woman disagrees with the suggestion and brings up two reasons. First, she states that although there are a lot of people passing the lobby, it is very crowded and people may be walking in front of you, blocking your view and distracting you while you are watching an artwork so you cannot appreciate it. Secondly, although the light is sourced from windows, the natural light is not a proper source to display arts since if it is sunny outside, it will be too bright and if it is cloudy it will be dark. However, a good choice is the electric light bulbs with controlled and consistent light, the same as what art museums use.