Would you like to take a long vacation or several short vacations in a year?Explain why.

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20 in 30.

You didn't talk as good as the last one. Your last speaking is a good example you need to follow in the future talking:

First, you need an introduction, one sentence is enough: 'I would like to live with roommate'.

then reason 1: 'because I like to make new friends. I never live alone away from my family, so it will be a different experience for me. I would learn to adjust with new people.By living together, we could help each other not only in our good times, but also in our bad times.'

then reasons 2: 'In addition, living with roommate would be cost effective, as we will share our all our expenses. So, I would like to live with roommate rather alone, because it will allow me to learn new things in life and save some of my money.'

If you have time, you can make reason 3 or make a conclusion. but they are optional and two reasons are enough.

Do the same thing for other speakings.

Let us know if you didn't get the point.