Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It's a waste of money for the government to fund space travel or space exploration.

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
It's a waste of money for the government to fund space travel or space exploration.

Properly balancing the budget to develop basic infrastructures of the society is a formidable challenge for every government in power. In some cases, the government may be inclined to spend money on space exploration typically considered superfluous from public opinion. Therefore, when it comes to the issue whether funding space travel or space exploration is a waste of money for the government, different people adopt different attitudes toward this issue depending on their characters and educational backgrounds. On the one hand, there are people who strongly believe the government can spend such money to conspicuously improve medical, educational, recreational and public facilities of the society and on other hand, others believe spending money to explore space has outstanding merits. As a graduate student who has studied cosmology, the latter carries further weight since not only does it result in further technological and industrial advancements, worthwhile to improve the quality of life on the Earth but also does it change our notion regarding the universe and our life broadening our horizon.

Conquering the space has generally been accompanied by significant industrial and technological advancements which humankind could never accomplish or if they did, it would take long time without thinking of stepping on other planets. In fact, humankind thought of finding a way to be able to maintain required food for a long journey deep inside the space leads into discovering how to efficiently pack the food, what are artificial preservative substances and under which condition foods will remain healthier. As a matter of fact, the advancement in food packaging helps human to transport foods over vast distances as economic objectives or to aid their counterparts in remote areas. Moreover, thinking of inventing a particular shuttle which can travel in space for longer distances has resulted in noticeable advancements in airplane industry whereby a variety of advanced airplanes and jets are nowadays available not only for public transportation but also for defending territory. Subsequently, space exploration will profoundly influence on human life providing further industrial and technological advancements.

Space traveling accomplishments has greatly changed the ways people think about their surroundings. There were people who thought humankind is the only intelligent creature in the universe, therefore, made their selves stand out from other creatures and gave their selves the right to think of controlling not only the Earth but also whole universe in the future. However, space achievements regarding how gigantic our universe is and the possibility of the existence of aliens which may even be more intelligent than human changed their notion not to be so selfish. To me as student familiar with cosmological concepts, humankind living on the Earth will not play an important role in the fate of universe since they are wholly just as a dot on a blank page. Furthermore, space travelling may uplift barriers and give humankind the opportunities to discover the origin of the life by discovering the origin of the cosmic in its entirety. Personally, I am convincing which universe may be a smart creature as whole and the Earth including all human play just the role of one cell in body of such smart creature. Hence, more space travelling will help us to obtain a philosophical view regarding the universe we are living in.

To wrap it up, conquering space by humankind not only bring about noticeable developments in industry and technology but also give us a panoramic view of how the universe is evolving. Furthermore, human activities are harming environment in such a way which we may need to discover a planet similar to Earth and provide necessities for living there in near future.

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