Do you agree or disagree with the following statement Because modern life is very complex it is essential for young people to have the ability to plan and organize Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
Because modern life is very complex, it is essential for young people to have the ability to plan and organize.
Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Modern society has matured in a variety of ways and the expected behaviors have definitely changed over time. It is no longer feasible to linger on the old ways and expect a relaxed, carefree lifestyle to lead to success in today's fast-paced society. Therefore, I agree with the sentence that young people have to learn how to plan and organize their lives in modern, intricate contemporary life. In the paragraphs below, I will state my reasons for agreeing with that statement.

First, it is undeniable that mistakes now have far-reaching consequences and are not as easily remedied as they were in the past. In past times, one's mistake usually only involved themselves or their relatives. Nowadays one person is connected to a web of colleagues and peers. So, one simple mistake and act of disorganization might hurt the whole group. There is a great example to be made from my uncle's company. He supplies electrical components to resellers in a big city and to my estimate, more than 40 people work under him. One clerk has admitted that he was not fully focused on his task one day because the due time to fill some papers was nearing. So when entering numbers into a sheet, he made a mistake and the result was a huge fiscal fight with the government over revenue taxes. In this case, if the young employee had better discipline and planning abilities, he could have easily prevented this whole drama for himself and the whole company.

Second, modern life is based on being able to deliver precisely what is needed in the shortest amount of time. Obviously, this cannot be achieved by someone that lacks correct planning skills. The whole society runs on the assumption that everyone in their position is fully aware of their responsibilities and is able to deliver them to perfection. Universities offer specialized degrees and employers hire graduates with technical skills, but the missing point is that planning and organizing skills are totally separate from technical ones taught in schools. This is why the young have to teach themselves these skills. For example, no matter how knowledgeable a teacher is, he or she has to have planning skills to run a classroom full of children and be an example to them. Without correct plans, the teacher will not be able to fulfill his or her duties toward the younglings.

In summary, I believe it is of utmost importance for young people, who will one day lead society and be the role model for younger generations after them, to have the ability to organize not only their life and goals but also their professional work. Mistakes simply cost too much in the modern, interconnected lives of people, but, a lot of these mistakes can be prevented with clear plans and organizations. Modern life also expects experts in every position and planning abilities are at the core of these expectations. Life might seem very complex nowadays, but with a little bit of careful planning and self-discipline and taking time to organize expected tasks, one surely can find success and happiness.

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