Of Altamonte students polled, 65 percent say they participate in either an intramural, varsity, or community sports team. Being a member of a sport team keeps one fit and healthy and promotes an active life style. Since the majority of students are taking

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The argument that Altamonte High School should eliminate all physical education classes and put more resources into improvement of the intramural and varsity sports teams, may seem reasonable at the first glance. The announcement makes a valid argument, one would be correct if its premises were true and its conclusion relies on assumptions, which suffer from dearth of solid evidences.

First of all, the writer says that because 65 percent of students participate in an intramural, varsity, or community sports teams, the majority of the students care about their physical fitness. However, the writer doesn't provide any solid evidence to show these statistics are valid. For instance, the auth ...

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