what are qualities of a good neighbor

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what are qualities of a good neighbor

Neighbors significantly influence our lives because we have to see them and communicate with them almost every day. Obviously, our personal views about qualities and characteristics of a good neighbor, depends on our own interests and characteristics. Personally I believe that a good neighbor should be sociable, reliable, and considerate. In the fallowing paragraphs I will delve into the most important reasons why I hold this point of view.

Being sociable is the most primary future of a good neighbor. Human beings need to live in a society and communicate with other people in order to be mentally and physically health. Our neighbors are the people that we usually see them more than anybody else, even our relatives, and having a friendly neighbor can make our life better and happier. For instance, consider a sociable neighbor that enjoys going parties, shopping, cinemas, and so on; she can be a good friend for you when you are sad or nervous. A sociable neighbor also can help you in difficulties and give you a hand when you are in trouble. Thus, by having a sociable neighbors we can have a happier live.

Having a reliable neighbor is really a boon. Because our neighbors live near us, they know a lot about our lifestyle, properties, and behaviors; so, an unreliable neighbor can seriously hurt us financially and emotionally. For example, when I lived in Mashhad in 2011, one of my neighbors stole a lot of money from my house because he exactly knew my daily programs and the times I were at my workplace. On the other hand, when we have a reliable neighbor we can be sure that he is careful about our home and properties; we also can talk to him about all of our personal problems without being worry about the privacy. Therefore, a reliable neighbor is really beneficial.

Last but not least, a good neighbor should be considerate; he should care about his neighbors and their desires. For one, a considerate neighbor would prepare some foods and care about you when you are ill. He also won’t make the apartment dirty or make a lot of noises when you need a quiet place for study and work. Hence, by having a considerate neighbor we would be calm and more relax.

By considering all the aforementioned reasons into account, I definitely claim that a worthy neighbor is sociable, reliable, and considerate.

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