The following appeared in a memo from a vice president of Quiot Manufacturing."During the past year, Quiot Manufacturing had 30 percent more on-the-job accidents than at the nearby Panoply Industries plant, where the work shifts are one hour shorter than

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Accoding to the memo by the vice president of Quiot Manufactoring, he said last year's on-the-job accidents were 30% more than nearby plant, Panoply Industries, by the reason that their work shifts are one hours shorter than Quiot, thus the vic president suggests that they should reduce one working hour to reduce the on-the-job accidents, which also can increase productivity meanwhile in the author's opinion. While there are some factors still problematic, let's evaluate them carefully.

First of all, without further information by the author , the two plants , Quiot and Panoply cannot be compared together. We don't know what kinds of these factories are, thus their working courses may variy significantly.For example, Quiot is a car-making industry while Panoply Industries produces wires for electric plants. These are totally diffrerent enterprises which can not be put together to discuss.

Secondly, by the way of shortening working hours may not be the most proper measure to reduce the on-the-job accidents.Given the experts say that the most of these accidents are casused by lacking of sleep and fatigue, while whether it is the reason for the on-the-job accidents in Quiot Manufactoring is still in question because both the author and experts do not tell us. Maybe the wokers in this plant lack of right training and sufficent warning is the reason of the accidents. The vice president should make a wide survey to make clear what is the main reason of accidents in his plants.

Thirldy, Security do not promise the high productivity with out evidences.The vice president mentions us that by the way of reducing accidents in the factory, their productivtiy will increase. While there is no obvious factors can prove this kind of decreasing accidents will make the productivity increasing. On the contrary, there is a high possibility if the workers are more meticulous when they are at work, thus it will decrease the productivity by this concertration.
I suggest the vice president should figure out other idea ot enhance the working effectivity or prove us the relevance between the security and productivity in Quiot Manufactoring.

In conclusion, I fully comprehend the vice presidents' worrying, while he should make an ehaustive survey to find out the real reasons of on-the-job accidents and the necessity to compare with the other plants nearby. He also should make a clear attitude to the target of increasing the productivity of his plant and find the proper way to improve the working effectivity.

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