The following appeared as part of an article in the business section of a local newspaper:“Motorcycle X has been manufactured in the United States for more than 70 years.Although one foreign company has copied the motorcycle and is selling it for less,

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The following appeared as part of an article in the business section of a local newspaper:
“Motorcycle X has been manufactured in the United States for more than 70 years.
Although one foreign company has copied the motorcycle and is selling it for less, the
company has failed to attract motorcycle X customers—some say because its product
lacks the exceptionally loud noise made by motorcycle X. But there must be some other
explanation. After all, foreign cars tend to be quieter than similar American-made cars,
but they sell at least as well. Also, television advertisements for motorcycle X highlight its
durability and sleek lines, not its noisiness, and the ads typically have voice-overs or rock
music rather than engine-roar on the sound track.”
Discuss how well reasoned . . . etc.

The argument that unsuccessful attempt to attract motorcycle X customers by foreign company which copied same model failed because of being quieter is not entirely logically convincing, because it ignores certain crucial assumptions.
Firstly, the argument assumes that reason behind fail is company’s copied product lacks loud noise in contrast motorcycle X. actually author didn’t provide nothing else about both product that there are doubts that how Foreign company produce successfully same model. According to author’s conclusion, it is not possible to determine similarities between Motorcycle X produced in the United States and Copied model in another country. For example, evidence gives us that copied one lacks loud noise that indicate that maybe there is smaller engine displacement in the copied one and performance also affects same difference. There are price, speed, fuel consumption and purpose differences between 800cc and 1200cc engines.
Secondly, the argument never addresses brand loyalty to motorcycle X. it is a fact that this model produced more than 70 years and purchased by many generations in the United States. Companies as Ducati which produces fact motorcycles, Ferrari which produces fast and sport cars or Mercedes Benz which produce luxury family cars have long, successful reputation in this industry. A new company which produce same model will face with many difficulties when selling their product. For Example, Ducati produce X-Diavel model cruiser motorcycle more than 50 years that was choices of many bike lovers during 20th century and still it is or Mercedes Benz produce its luxury estate car S class more than 70 years and it sold millions of that car and still refresh car with some changes but many fans of car continue to buy brand new Mercedes S class.
Thirdly, the argument omits that customers thoughts about both models. Maybe Americans love an American chopper rather than foreign one or they prefer oldest version of same bike in comparing that of copied. Author’s assumption didn’t satisfy its conclusion with enough determinants to complete argument. In advertisement based on durability of bike X but cause of Copied vehicle’s fail based on its noise.
Thus, the argument is not completely sound.
The evidence in support of conclusion, using rock music in ads of motorcycle X implies that they target American bikers which from 1960s, they mostly prefer similar classic models in contrast contemporary bikes. And foreign company should produce its chopper which represent American heritage.
Ultimately, the argument might have been weakened by flaws in the argument.

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...chopper rather than foreign one or they prefer oldest version of same bike in comparing that ...

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