The following appeared in a recommendation from the planning department of the city of Transopolis."Ten years ago, as part of a comprehensive urban renewal program, the city of Transopolis adapted for industrial use a large area of severely substandard ho

The cynosure of statement is to use declining residential area for industrial use to reduce crime rates and increased property tax revenues. The planning department is concerned about the betterment of the city of Tansopolis and, at first glance, the concern shared seems appropriate. But on in-depth analysis of the statement we find that there are various assumptions taken. We need certain facts and figures to validate the validity of the assumptions taken.
Firstly, the figures on unoccupied houses is not clear. For example, there can be a hundred houses and out of them twenty are unoccupied. This will lead to numerous settled houses to get displaced and create alternate housing for them. Also, there is a probability that the alternate housing would not consist of same environment thus it would not be desirable for them. Assuming that majority of the houses are empty and only some houses (say 10/100) will be displaced, another assumption taken in statement of establishing industrial use area in this region puts us in a dubious situation. It does not state that the land is appropriate for the industry use and will not impact the city environment or nearby colonies. Maybe the land does not contain essential requirements( like water, human resource access, etc.) to establish industry or in case a factory is established, colonies nearby will have certain calculated health issues. Infact, the reason for citizens leaving the residential area could be due to its pllutions or any other factor that are impacting their health. Thus, it is important to gather information on the number of occupied houses and its area.
Another assumption taken is that there are more industries that are waiting to collaborate with city and establish their bases. We need to accumulate the accurate data on the number of industries and their establishment requirements. Even if the area is converted for industrial use and all requirements are built, the need of investors to construct factories is important otherwise the land will be of no use. Moreover, the availability of human resource to work in these industries needs to be determined as if citizens are not available there will be need to create accomodations for migrated resources( people who will come to city to work from nearby villages/cities). Hence, to determine appropriate resources becomes vital in this case.
Lastly, moving ahead to plan implemented 10 yrs ago, there is a certainty that the decision was taken due to lack of jobs which resulted in increased crime rates and the increase in property tax revenue was a by product. If such conditions like crime still exists in city, it might be due to some other factors and developing land for industry usage might not be required. Also, constructing of another area for similar usage might lead to drop in property value of the first place due to increased option.
Gathering information on all the above points like knowledge on declining residential area: reason of decline, area nearby, suitable for establishments; Resources: Industry and human resources; Purpose of establishment 10 yrs ago and its compatibility with today's' scenario are vital for the analysis of recommendation from the planning department and ensure its validity.

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