The following is a letter from the parent of a private school student to the principal of that school:Last year, Kensington Academy turned over management of its cafeteria to a private vendor, Swift Nutrition. This company serves low-fat, low-calorie meal

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The following is a letter from the parent of a private school student to the principal of that school:

Last year, Kensington Academy turned over management of its cafeteria to a private vendor, Swift Nutrition. This company serves low-fat, low-calorie meals that students do not find enjoyable – my son and several of his friends came home yesterday complaining about the lunch options. While the intent of hiring Swift may have been to cause students to eat healthier foods, the plan is just going to cause students to bring their own, less healthy lunches instead of eating cafeteria food. If Swift is not replaced with another vendor, there will be serious health consequences for Kensington students.

According to the letter of the parent towards the principal of school indicates that a private vendor named as Swift Nutrition should be replaced by another vendor in order to avoid the serious health consequences of that school and certain assumptions are made in order to provide the recommendation. But some questions must be answered in order to validate those assumptions, otherwise, the recommendation might not be fruitful.

At first, it is mentioned that Swift Nutrition serves low-fat and low-calorie food that many students might not find enjoyable and the child of that parent, who wrote the letter, complained about the available options of food. Therefore, it is not clear whether it is the quality of the food or reluctance of the child and his friends to eat healthy foods. It is quite common that children will not appreciate those low-fat and low-calorie food but those foods are healthy as mentioned by the letter writer. It might also happen that on that particular day the child and his friends could not get their favorite food from Swift Nutrition because the food they preferred might have finished before they reach the cafeteria or on that particular day the cafeteria did not make that particular food due to lack of ingredients. In that case, it is important to mention whether the aforementioned scenario is happening for a quite long time or it just a one-day scenario, which actually do not hold an issue comapre to other days.

Secondly, it is assumed bu the writer of the letter that if the students find that there is lack of food options in the cafeteria of the school, they will be inclined to bring less healthy food from home. But there is no mention of how many students are dependent on the cafeteria for their lunch and how many are completely dependent on homemade food. It might happen that some student's parents can not afford the payment of lunch at the school cafeteria and they are serving healthy food to their children from home and those children are quite healthy even though they are dependent on their homemade food. On the other hand, as food is canteen is meant to be for all child, so they are focusing on the health of large quantity of student rather than one student.

Finally, it is assumed that the replacement of a vendor by another vendor will not be time-consuming and the decision can be taken by management within the shortest possible time. Although, it might happen that while the decision period is continued, the cafeteria might be closed, will might hamper the lunch option of many students who are dependent on cafeteria lunch.

To sum up, it is imperative to answer the aforementioned question to validate the assumptions and then afterwards the prediction made by the letter writer can be reasonable.

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