The following is a memorandum from the business manager of a television station."Over the past year, our late-night news program has devoted increased time to national news and less time to weather and local news. During this time

The memorandum provided by the business manager may, at first glance, seem like a plausible suggestion. However, after further inspection, one may be able to see that there are multiple holes in the argument provided.

The beginning of the memorandum itself starts on very vague footing. The author does not explain what their viewers concerns were with the station's coverage of weather and local news. Did they want more, or did they just want it to be more engaging? All across the world, television use has been found to be declining due to the increase of popular streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Many people often watch their news on smartphones and having access to local and national news is made much more convenient. There was no quantification of the complaints and how this level differs from complaints received in the past, nor is there a comparison of how this television station is doing in comparison to their counterparts. After deeper inspection, the author may find that all television networks are finding ways to become more accessible in an age where television use is dwindling.

Additionally, the author points to loss in advertising contracts but does not mention the reason. Correlation does not equal causation, so it would be faulty to assume that local businesses are pulling their contracts due to an issue with the late-night news program's viewership, when in reality their decision could have very well been because of their own declining revenues and inability to keep their contracts. Even if these businesses did pull their contracts due to low returns on investment, there is no statement on the amount of local business that have cancelled contracts or if they had been encouraged to advertise during a different time of day. Local businesses are often small and though places like the United States are encouraging support of local businesses, it may not be enough (or make enough sense) to advertise through the television when they could very well have more of an online presence. An online presence could mean anything from a website to active social media pages. Algorithms have also been created on platforms like Instagram that allow viewers to get advertisements based on their interests and be able to be redirected to the business's page. These types of strategies are proving to be more cost-effective and reach more people that any television station ever could.

Furthermore, to conclude by stating that restoring weather and local news to its former level will attract more viewers is a superfluous assumption. Many television stations have moved into more talk show styled news, such as the likes of Trevor Noah and Jon Stewart. These programs talk about national news and in the past decade, have upped the viewership of their respective television stations. There is no evidence yet that would support the idea that weather and local news would yield more viewership or even stabilize advertising revenues.

In conclusion, while the author's suggestion is understandable, there are major reasons why this memorandum is not to be considered. This argument needs to be flushed out by quantifying previous viewership and complaints, as well as their local business advertisers from years past. Finally, the claim of attracting more customers must be supported by evidence from other television stations or by surveying their own, to see if the increase of weather and local news broadcast would lead to any growth in the number of viewers.

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