"The following is taken from a memo from the advertising director of the Super Screen Movie Production Company. "According to a recent report from our marketing department, during the past year, fewer people attended Super Screen-produced movies than in a

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The director of the Super Screen Movie Production Company contend that they should rise the budget on advertising in order to reach more audiences. The point seems plausible at first glance; however, the director needs to answer some questions regarding his reasons in order to make the idea more solid.

For starters, the director mentions fewer people saw Super Screen-produced movies. indicating that fewer people know and want to see their movies. Nonetheless, there might be other reasons to cause the low box office. Maybe there was a financial crisis last year, so many people had to save their money. Even if the economy was stable in the past year, it does no follow that people did not attend movies because of the lack of awareness of the movies. It is likely that there were many other high quality and competitive movies released last year, and people did not have sufficient budget to watch all of them, so they had to choose between those movies. Thus, the director should provide us with more information about the economy situation in the past year, the movie market situation in sum so as to strength his viewpoint.

Even if there were few competitors last year, it does not mean Super Screen-produced movies would definitely have better attendance if they advertised for their movies. The author said that the percentage of positive reviews increased last year, inferring the movie would have a high quality. However, we have to know what exactly the percentage of the positive reviews. The director fails to indicate the specific number of it. Maybe there are only 20 percents of the positive reviews last year, and there were only 5 to 10 percents of positive reviews in the past few years. Even if the percentage of the positive reviews is high, it does not mean the majority of audiences think the Super Screen-produced movies are excellent. Maybe only less than ten people went online to comment with positive reviews. Also, most people would leave comments online only when they really like the movie. Some opponents would be too disappointed to leave any reviews. Therefore, the director should note the exact number of the audiences who commented and how many of them exactly left the positive reviews to make his point more convincing.

Last but not least, the director believe that allocating a great share of the advertising budget will help to reach the public. Nonetheless, nowadays most of people, especially cinephiles, hate to watch advertisements. For example, many people would embed some ad block extension tools on their browsers in order to avoid approaching any of ads they dislike. Therefore, we should look into some issue like whether advertising is the most feasible and effective way to help the company to reach more potential customers, and what kind of advertising the company is going to bid on. The director needs to answer those questions in order to make his statement more concrete.

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