The following was written as a part of an application for a small business loan by a group of developers in the city of Monroe Jazz music is extremely popular in the city of Monroe over 100 000 people attended Monroe s annual jazz festival last summer

The author claims that a jazz music club in Monroe will be a tremendous success assuming that jazz is very popular in the city of Monroe because of the large number of people attended a jazz festival in Monroe and the popularity of the radio program ‘Jazz Nightly’. The author also assumes that as there is no jazz club nearby Monroe, people will come to a new jazz club, and as typical jazz fans spend lots of money on their entertainment, Monroe citizens will also spend enough money to make the new jazz club successful. As a first glance, this argument seems to be reasonable, but with a closer look through the assumptions, there are a number of critical flaws that can weaken the author’s assertion.

First of all, the author assumed that the city of Monroe is in need of a new jazz club as the closest jazz club is over an hour away. However, if jazz music is extremely popular as the author mentioned, how come there is no jazz club already built in the city? The author need to understand the reason why there still is no jazz club in the city. This might be because of the extremely expensive rent of the city, or citizens’ low preference for live jazz music. If this scenario is true, new jazz club in Monroe cannot be successful as the author predicts.

Secondly, assuming that the high number of people attending Monroe’s annual jazz festival and the high rate of ‘Jazz Nightly’ indicate the high popularity of jazz in the city of Monroe could be erroneous without eliminating other numerous possibilities. There is a possibility that large crowd gathered in the annual jazz festival last summer in fact came from out of the Monroe city. Even if they are all locals from Monroe, it is possible that Monroe is such a big city that 100,000 people is just a small fraction of the whole population. In addition, for the high rate of the radio program ‘ Jazz Nightly’, the success of the radio program might not because of the jazz music it plays, but because of the time it airs, which is every weeknight, the prime-time of the radio when the biggest portion of people listens to radio. Even if this is not the case, there is a possibility that people only enjoy listening jazz music, not generally interested in listening to a live jazz music. Without proving these possible explanations are wrongheaded, the author cannot be sure about the success of a new jazz club.

Furthermore, the author assumed that as a number of famous jazz musicians live in Monroe, they will be willing to perform at the new jazz bar. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee that they will perform at the new jazz club, as they might be already playing at the nearest –one hour away- jazz club.

Lastly, the author stated the national study indicating that the typical jazz fan spends close to $1,000 per year on jazz entertainment, assuming that jazz fan in Monroe will do the same. However, simply assuming the typical trait of a larger group will be applied to a subgroup is problematic. What may be true for a general population is not necessarily true for a particular subgroup. The economic ground of Monroe could be weaker than the nationwide average, which will lead to shrinkage of consumption, especially on the entertainment.

In conclusion, the argument is based on a number of problematic assumptions and the recommendation is unlikely to produce the desired results.

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