The regional brand manager sent the following memo to the national brand manager for Sun-Beem Facial Cleanser.“We need to institute a huge publicity campaign for the launch of Sun-Beem’s improved formula. Without an enormous media blitz, including tel

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The regional brand manager sent the following memo to the national brand manager for Sun-Beem Facial Cleanser.

“We need to institute a huge publicity campaign for the launch of Sun-Beem’s improved formula. Without an enormous media blitz, including television, radio, internet, and magazine ads, potential new customers will not be aware of our product. And previous customers will not be aware that Sun-Beem’s new, non-carcinogenic formula is on the shelves. The best way to combat the negative publicity Sun-Beem’s old formula received is to fight fire with fire, by using the media’s insatiable interest in any new news about Sun-Beem to sell the new formula. This will erase the negative connotations in the minds of former customers, and will ensure that Sun-Beem is once again the best-selling facial cleanser on the market.”

Write a response in which you discuss what specific evidence is needed to evaluate the argument and explain how the evidence would weaken or strengthen the argument.

The regional brand manager claims that, the best way to fight negative remark they received for their old formula, is to use the medias's hunger for new news. This claim is supported by the evidence that, it was the same media which, made let the public to know the truth about how bad the old formula is. He believes that this time the media shall let the public about the new improved formula, which eventually gains publicity automatically. By looking at three assumptions the manager has failed to present, the argument shall be evaluated.

What if the media has changed their interests and more keen on other topics? There are a lot of things going around the globe, and the media always focuses on the most interesting topics. For instance, maybe while the officials at Sun-Beem are trying to gain the attention of the media, simultaneously, there was a natural disaster that occurred in the neighbouring country. Then the media shall definitely looking into the disaster and focus more on that. It is unpredictable what would happen in the future. There needs to be more evidence to support the claim, and prove why they are confident about the surety of the media publicising their product.

If there is another product introduced at the same time, which is far better than Sun-Beems new facial cleanser, then the people may tend to buy that product instead. For example, It is possible that the people already have a bad opinion on their old formula, and they might be ready to risk facing similar issues. Maybe the people are not confident anymore. If this is true, then the people will not be interested in trying the new product and so the media would lose interest in talking about tehir new product, since the people are not interested too. Then the argument is flawed and it needs more evidence to support the idea.

Even if the media showers interest on the new product and talks about it, it is possible that the people might not show any interest towards it, because maybe people have just stopped caring about cleansing products anymore. For instance, it is possible that due to the damage it caused to the skins of the previous users of their product, had led to people refrain from using any cleansing products. It is possible that it is too late before the media covers this topic, because by the time, maybe the people have changed their minds. If this occurs, then argument is weakened and is flawed.

Thus the statement is flawed, if strong evidence is not provided to counter-attack the above assumptions, which definitely weaken the argument. More evidence is needed to check the viability of the argument and prove its not flawed

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