Competition for high grades seriously limits the quality of learning at all levels of education.

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Competition for high grades seriously limits the quality of learning at all levels of education.

In most fields of education, grades serve as a potential indicator of the quality of student. A student with a higher grade will be presumed to be better than one with lower grade. For eg: Many engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu in India, base their admission criteria solely on the marks secured by a student in their Class 12. As a result, obtaining higher grades becomes important for a student.

As grades are the only indicator, this leads to students to focus more on "How to get better grades?" than "How do I improve my knowledge, skills and quality of learning?". In this process, they for...

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Sentence: Many students just mug up answers to all the questions and do good at the exam, and get good grades.While they did spent effort to mug up the answers, they got good grades without having proper knowledge.
Description: The fragment do good at is rare
Suggestion: Possible agreement error: Replace good with adverb
Description: The token did is not usually followed by a verb, past participle
Suggestion: Refer to did and spent

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