Governments should offer college and university education free of charge to all students Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the recommendation and explain your reasoning for the position you take In develo

Let's imagine two kids living in United States, one lives in a fancy bungalow with fancy clothes, cars and accessories, has full support of his parents, and is average in studies, the other kid is the son of two gig workers, who hardly make up for two meals and live at a shoddy place, The son again is average in studies and can be considered on an equal level to the former boy. Both of them go to school, both go to public schools, but because of the fees the latter kid has to work part-time and struggles while the former has it easy for him and focuses on his personal development and academic development. When they apply for college, its not hard to imagine which one has it easier for applying to college as the latter would find it hard to even get loans or gather money for his studies and achieve his dreams. Both the kids have similar academic interests with similar caliber then why does one get to pursue his dream and other doesn't, just because the former was born in a upper class family and the latter wasn't?
This is what the governments around the world need to consider, freeing education for all of populous. The initiative, as scary as it sounds has huge long-term benefits. Taking the example from before, if the education in the school was free, the latter kid wouldn’t have to work part-time and could have, like the former kid, focused on his personal and academic development and work towards his dreams. When applying for college he wouldn't have to scrap for money and therefore would have had an equal opportunity as the former rich kid.
Now there are a lot of counter points that comes in with this education model, where will the government find funds to sponsor every student's education? Is the investment going to come with returns? Will this make the students complacent?
These counter arguments are very valid and make sense, Lets talk about the first point, yes the government initially has to invest a lot of money to abolish fees and is a huge undertaking in itself, however there are huge benefits tied to it. From the example above, with free education both the kids will be educated and will pursue their dream careers, ergo contributing massively towards the economy, in comparison to current state where the only the rich kid would contribute. Freeing up education means a lot of financially weak students will be able to pursue their dreams, develop their dream careers and contribute towards the nation's growth in form of paying income tax, service tax, duties and what not. Free Education means enabling a whole lot more students which will lead to innovation, startups, new ideas, leading to upliftment of whole sections of society. The return of investment is so high that the government can get all its money back and more along with a strong nation.
Therefore I believe in the idea of free education and I support it.

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The claim states that governments should finance the universities and colleges, that the students do not have to pay something for their education. I do not agree completely with this statement. Although I think, that everybody should be able to study. It is fair, that the students (or their families) have to pay something for the education. Not that much, that the students have to work every hour, which they are not in university but something to reduce to overall tax costs, that arise with an university.
First, education is one of the most important subject a nation has. Through well educated people, the nation as it’s whole can benefit. With an high level of human capital, which can be achieved through education, you can build up industries that increase the growth domestic product of a countries. Therefore, it makes sense to invest much into the education of its citizens. There are some restrictions, which prevent people for enrolling into university. One might be, that they did not graduate high school with well grades. Another could be, that some families do not possess enough money to come up with the study fees. For the nation it does make sense to help the people, who do not have enough money to the study fees, to smaller this restriction. This would lead to more students, what therefore increase the human capital and the welfare of the country.
Further a lot of students have to work so much next to the university and still graduate their study with high depts. Students should be able to invest their time in studying and learning as much as possible about a subject and not working night shift after night shift to finance their study fees. Such situations lead to a lot of psychological stress, what smaller the amount of learning in university. Therefore, I think the study fees should be only that high, that everybody can effort to pay them, without somebody must to work full-time next to his/her study.
On the other side, one have to think about, how this money will be collected if not through a semester fee from the students. Then it will be probably paid by taxes and therefore by the all the people from this country. Now, one might argue, that it is not fair that everybody has to pay for the education of a few. This argument is reasonable. To solve this disagreement, I think that it would be fair, if the study fee remains but people who do not possess enough money for the education of it’s child should not have to pay the study fees.
In essence, I do think that education should be one of the main sectors where the government invests. because it raises the human capital and the welfare of the whole country. I think that the students should still pay university fees, because it is not fair that the education of the elite get financed by all the tax payers. But the amount should be small enough, that everybody is able to pay those fees. Also if the students might have to work next to his/her study, they should be able to spend to most of their energy for their study itself. Only for very poor family I support the idea, that the government pay their study fees. However, everybody who want and achieved high enough grades to study at a college should be able to do so.