The surest indicator of a great nation is represented not by the achievements of its rulers artists or scientists but by the general welfare of its people

There are several relative parameters that come to play when a greatness of a nation is judged, some suggest that scientific output, stock market and other suggest the welfare of its people and how happy they are. I believe the title itself of “great nation” is very relative and can vary from individual to individual.
Let us take the example of the North Korea, the country is universally condemned for its abuse of human rights and dictator regime. However as suggested by several reports within the country, the people living there are generally satisfied with the regime, they believe all the atrocities on the people are part and parcel of life and the supreme leader is one true human. Such a propaganda influences their people to believe that their nation is the greatest and the foreign nations are scavengers. The country is considered great by its citizens even when in relative terms it may very not be. This example portrays that sometimes false propaganda can make a country great for some even when it violates the human rights and has not contributed to the world of innovation.
Let’s take the example of China, another country criticised by the western media for its lack of democracy, freedom of speech and censorship. Lot of people criticize within and outside the Chinese government, but no one can deny the fact that China has a massive contribution towards technology. From innovation in electrical appliances, bullet trains, electric vehicles, China has achieved technological supremacy to most of the nations, along with political supremacy, and is being referred to as the next super power, although a larger audience still doesn’t believe in calling it a great nation.
Let’s take another example of Australia; Prosperous country in the southern hemisphere, having 3 of the top 10 happiest cities in the world. The populous is generally happy with whatever they have and love to stay in Australia, but none call Australia a great nation due to its lack of industries, declining political power at the world stage. Even when the general populous is happy, World leaders don’t believe in Australia being a force and refrain from calling it great.
So if North Korea, with its population believing its greatness, isn’t great, China with all its technological prowess isn’t great and Australia with its general people living a great life isn’t considered great, then what country can be called great?
I believe, the measure of greatness is different for different individuals, for an IT person, technology prowess is greatness for a nation, for a marketing person maybe its general populous welfare is greatness and for someone living in a propaganda regime, their leader is the reason for their nation’s greatness. The parameters can’t be defined and for different people it is always going to be different

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