Some people believe that college students should consider only their own talents and interests when choosing a field of study Others believe that college students should base their choice of a field of study on the availability of jobs in that field Write

The point of contention in college students to choose between a course that is employment friendly and one that is akin to their interests and talents is quite debatable. Unequivocally the latter should be preferred for the same because college degrees are not temporary relationships rather are serious lifelong affairs. More, akin a student is to his course higher we can expect his interest in the subject leading to a higher performance in the same field. No talent is ever left not hired in any domain be it Theoretical Physics or Art. Even if there are not enough jobs and market is bust one can always enter the field of academics easily as he is already good at it either way employment is guaranteed.

As, the correlation between one's talents and interests rise and performance is close. One can easily expect high performance and growth in career from a prospective candidate in a field of his liking compared to a field where his interests are related only to bread and butter. The best example of this correlation is Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam he initially pursued mathematics as a field of study and went ahead with it completing his master's in mathematics had he stayed no-one would have known him today but later changed to aeronautical engineering and pursued it as his career and became the most eminent scientist received highest civilian honor, and was given the title of 'Rocket Man of India' all because he followed his heart over everything else.

Another important psychological factor that cannot be neglected is the satisfaction one gets from his job of his interests. He will not only work better than most but also have little to no self-doubt at any point in life that could be felt by his peers working alongside with him. This also translates to a more stable mental health for the individual better social life and low tendencies towards anxiety or depression. Marinda recently concluded results of it’s decade long research on over ten thousand people with people from all age working age groups had been taken all the way till retirement from different walks of life, the observation s were that the people pursuing field of their interest had enjoyed a better mental health suffered less from any sort of mental or emotional disorders and had a better social life overall.

It does not matter how much a person loves his work but if he is not able to survive financially, he sure will not pursue it for long. There is often a myth of employability in certain fields what should be understood is that there are cycles of boom and bust in respective markets and levels of automation that affect the job market. It is not necessary that the recession may continue forever in a sector or automation eat up all the jobs. A person can pursue his subject of interests gain mastery, wait silently in academic institutions in teaching jobs, and enter lead positions at the next bull cycle of the sector. Automation usually eats up mundane jobs in any sector and offer's unprecedented scalability to businesses at the same time opens up new and better paying opportunities for the earlier employed staff based upon their experience.

We can therefore say that one must always follow his subject of interests for career, as it is not only a lifelong decision but also offers better prospects for him in the future, maintains a mental equilibrium for him, can experience and contribute massive growth to the same field, and take home a better pay than his peers along with him.

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