Educational institutions have a responsibility to dissuade students from pursuing fields of study in which they are unlikely to succeed.Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim. In developing and suppo

The ultimate goal of education is to guarantee career success in the future for the students. Now, success can be different for each one. Educational institutions should be able to determine the goals of each and every student to consider whether they can provide the necessary to acknowledge that or not. As universities have multiple decades if not centuries of experience in working with students for a common goal, it’s in their best interest as well to correctly evaluate chances of each applicant and, if necessary, dissuade them from applying to a particular faculty or even to a university.
Universities and other educational institutions have on their hands data that students don’t. They know which jobs are trending, what professions are needed on the job market, what unique skills are required for various degrees. Students have a superficial understanding of those matters and definitely need some orientation from their tutors. By talking with students on orientation day university representatives should determine whether the chosen faculty suits them or not. Of course, one might state that representatives not always determine the potential of students correctly. Albert Einstein was one of the worst students in class, teachers ridiculed him for being behind almost everyone in class, however, he went on to become one of the most prominent scientist in the history. The percentage of tantamount situations is very small. Those who have the IQ and resiliency to achieve success will do it without a diploma.
In addition, universities are obliged to warn students about futility of studying and spending huge amount of money if the future of the students won’t be secured. Potential medical students can waste a lot of time, energy, and monetary resources on preparing for applying to a med school, but fail the entrance exams or be declined by the university board. Representatives of educational facilities are morally responsible to tell the students about any possible unfitness.
Moreover, they shouldn’t take tuition just for the sake of it. A valuable service, high-class education should be provided against it. The price of education is increasing year by year, it is becoming impossibly hard for average student to cover all the expenses related with college: preparation, tutoring, accommodation, books, tuition fees, etc. Thus, universities should approach the subject more responsibly, and notify potential candidates if the profession they have chosen is unsuitable for them. Although, here can be discussed what success means for anyone. For some it might monetary, for others creative success, for some being useful to the society in what they do. If the determination of success for the student is the same as promised by institution, even with some drawbacks, they can make up their mind with all the evidence at hand.
To conclude, the final decision is completely up to the candidate. However, they should have a detailed feedback from the institution they are applying to about future prospects.It is significant for planning a career path, if it’s worth investing vast amounts of money or not.

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