Government officials should rely on their own judgment rather than unquestioningly carry out the will of the people they serve.

In this memo, the speaker claims that government officials should base decisions on their own decision rather than relying on the will of the people they serve. At first glance, the claim seems paradoxical since existence of government is based on the purpose for serving their society, nevertheless, the explanation has some merit to adhere as a whole.

To begin with, the claim is assuming the people they serve have fair reasonability to judge most government decisions correctly. However, it is a hasty assumption to support, since not all people they serve have the same background and wills of protecting their benefits. The occurrence of social conflicts or riots are easily witnessed when two sides of people have different will for their own sake. In this case, the role of government retains the compromising skill by inducing presumably the most hopeful solution, and such actions are credible enough when professional negotiators are involved. For example, subway industry strikes, which is one of the most frequently occurring conflicts in major cities throughout the world, provides immediate inconvenience to commuters and government usually involves in this strike situation to support the company negotiation. As government officials are conversant with similar cases, they could perform tactically and provide guidelines or schedules to reduce the inconvenience. Of course, their actions could be based on the will for the people they serve, however, still it is undeniable that they are the ones who make the actual decisions. Therefore, in some exigent cases, the government officials have to show their power based on their own judgments.

Nevertheless, governments are always should be monitored by the people as they have the actual influential role in running our society, thus government officials are recognized as the ones with power. Those in power sometimes are shown to be corrupted and the history of corruption is still pervasive. Philippine government used to be colluding with drug cartells for centuries and as citizens rioted to save their own lives from those malign figures and conditions, this country has chose a currently and supposedly powerful president to stop this disastrous drug situation. By sentencing death whomever is involved with drug, the nation has become relatively stable than before now. In this case, it can be said that the significance of carrying out the will of people is effective enough to preclude national corruption.

However, it is mystery whether government should always follow the tacit rule of satiating their people’s wills. Human beings have the face of selfishness and people work out to aggregate their benefits every time and this is why real estate speculation, which is one of the most struggling social problem, persistently appears. In this case, a strong regulation is necessitate to restrict and this why the government officials are important to make their acts by their own decisions. If their decisions are based on people’s will, such real estate speculation won’t likely to be regulated effectively and eventually will threaten a lot of residential rights.

In sum, the claim seems unpersuasive as it stands. While at first glance, it seems mutually exclusive since the exitence of government stands with representing their people’s wills, however, it appears to be not. Since not all people are reasonable enough to enhance the social status effectively, thus leaving to the professionals who are chosen to be the government officials could be more effective by letting them to decide by their own judgments. Yet, as they are the ones with power, people should not be reluctant to monitor them occasionally.

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