"A nation should require all of its students to study the same national curriculum until they enter college." - Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the recommendation and explain your reasoning for the posi

In the memo, the speaker claims that all students should attend the same national curriculum before they enter college. At first glace, it seems plausible enough and supportive empirically, nevertheless, the claim seems specious based on several grounds mentioned below.

First of all, the speaker is assuming that all students have same parental conditions. Yet the assumption is repudiated because students are from various environments. Some students get sufficient support financially from their family so that they can process preliminary education. On the other hand, some students are in harsh conditions that they have to afford their family by giving up their school. For these students, a specialized curriculum, such as allowing them to earn money at daytime and have education at night time, should be established in order to catch up the degree of their peer education. Or better solutions should be made by the government in the regard of citizen welfare.

Nevertheless, the claim is still persuasive given that all students should have fair opportunities when they apply for college. Nowadays, entering college is getting more difficult as the rate of civilization is increasing internationally equals to the rise of educational ambition. In this case, a fair discernment of talented students would be most successful only when all students are in consistent condition, in other words studying the same national curriculum. If students who get advantageous curriculum, then relatively disadvantaged groups are likely to have unfair feelings. It is because as competition becomes familiar, modern society accentuates fairness to provide equal opportunities to everyone. However, if the society makes unfair environment, which is irony, young generations could be disappointed and will likely to have antisocial behaviors forwardly.

However, given that some eminent colleges allow international students, requiring to attend the same national curriculum could not be suitable sometimes. Any college are not easy to let go of talented international students by confining them to have attended their country's national curriculum. Sometimes, system should be flexible to achieve better outcomes. For example, Harvard, known as one of the best colleges, could have not been on this stage if they didn't admitted international students, many of whom are being influential figures in our world these days and elates the power of their college. Thus, requiring students to attend the same national curriculum could sound like a staleness sometimes.

In sum, while at first glance, the claim seems exclusive but it appears not. The claim have some merits. Yet, some points are unpersuasive to agree with the speaker. Therefore, a nation should be flexible when they require the same curriculum to students before attending to their colleges.

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