Governments should invest as much in the arts as they do in the military.Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the recommendation and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In developing and suppor

National security takes the highest precedence over any thing and without guaranteeing a safe and secure life for it's citizens a government cannot prioritze arts equally or even close to military.

The author's recommendation to invest an equal amount of government resources towards art and military cannot be generalized to all the nations. Consider Israel, which is known for it's military technology, has faught various battles with it's neighours since it's inception in late 1940's and is still under constant threat. Can it prioritize any field apart from the ones required for sustenance, such as art or tourism? It cannot. India is known for diverse art forms nourished by it's diverse population and it has a huge border which is under constant threat from neighbouring countries and a coast line where it's shipping lines are under attack by various pirates. India spends a huge part of it's national budget to protect it's interests both on land and sea, though it has a huge population which is also impoverished. Such nations cannot be expected to invest an equal amount of resources for art given that their national security is under constant threat.

When we look back into history, post world war one all the allied and the axis nations have come to a pact that they would limit their military expenditure and also the size of their naval vessels. Britian and France adhered to it and when Hitler came into power, he ignored them and went his own way. In the initial phases of the second world war, Britain though being the larget navy was outcalssed and had faced severe damage. During the halcyon of the first world war, Britain spent a tremendous amount in pure sciences till the war knocked at their gate. With uncertainity around, any discrepancy in spending over military can be costly in the future.

But with more number of democratic nations, it is hard to expect war in regions of Western Europe and the governments which are richer can spend an equal amount on arts. Italy which is an economically stable and peaceful nation, can choose to spend on reviving the artistic presence which it had in the renaissance period and also benefit from the tourism which it can attract.

In summary the recommendation made cannot be generalized to all the nations and from history it is important to note that at any point of time national security must be prioritized over anything that does not keep us alive.

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