Many animal species in the world are becoming extinct nowadays Some people say that countries and individuals should protect these animals from dying out while others say that we should concentrate more on problems human beings Discuss both sides and give

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Many animal species in the world are becoming extinct nowadays. Some people say that countries and individuals should protect these animals from dying out, while others say that we should concentrate more on problems human beings. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

To assert that we should rescue endangered species only when their extinction is directly related to human activities is a blanket statement that ignores unique approaches. Today, human activities pose a threat to the majority of animals and plants. Humans have destroyed animal habitats and replaced them with big enterprises and industrial zones.

While certain organisms and plants face extinction, they play vital roles in the circle of life. If humans fail to take action to prevent the extinction of these species, the consequences will be far-reaching and irreversible. Humans should, for example, protect plants with critical features for use in the medical industry by taking into account their soil and the amount of humidity they require. These plants require particular conditions to thrive, and keeping them is a smart investment for individuals because they can aid in the cure of a dangerous disease without the use of chemicals.

Also, it's hard to tell if human actions are causing species extinction. Technology and industrialisation affect all species directly or indirectly. Toxic waste dumping and water contamination harm animals and ecosystems. It is the duty of society to repair the damage produced by humans to the ecological system.

Inability to stand has little effect on natural selection. Interfering with inter-species competition can have unintended consequences.
The second factor for species extinction is human activity, particularly in emerging nations with a high concentration of industrial activity. In this age of automation, carbon dioxide emissions and the greenhouse effect are expected to be detrimental to society and virtually all creatures. This is not true if an elephant's natural habitat has been devastated by natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes. The Amazon jungles contain a natural stream, which means that people must protect it. Because it serves as a shelter for a variety of species, not just humans. Another reason the government disregards animal costs is that when a fire breaks out in New York City, no one considers the cost of animal rescue; instead, they think it is a human catastrophe and that nothing can compare to the value of a human life. On the other hand, when a bird is slain, we should feel the same way.

In conclusion, there are numerous species on the verge of extinction, and humans must intervene when they are threatened, not just by human activities but also by natural disasters. This is a critical aspect of our environmental stewardship. Due to the fact that we do not own the house. As a result, society should intervene to protect endangered species only when their extinction is directly related to human activities. Endangered species should have adequate habitat, medical treatment, and food.

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