Men and women, because of their inherent physical differences, are not equally suited for many tasks.

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Men and women, because of their inherent physical differences, are not equally suited for many tasks.

The physical attributes of men and women are different, and this is a fact that almost everyone will agree with. However, due to their different physicality, are they suitable to different tasks? The answer to this question, according to me, is yes. Men and women have different body strengths which makes them compatible with different tasks. In work places where sheer strength is the requirement, male domination is seen. Then there are some jobs where not body strength but a more agile workflow is required, this is where women come into play. These two areas can throw some light in favor of this argument.

First of all, in work places where body strength play a vital role, it is generally observed than male workers are dominant in number than their female counterpart. In construction work, for example, it is generally seen that men carry bricks from one place to another as carrying bricks requires a sheer amount of strength. Moreover, in these jobs, women can be seen preparing materials such as concrete as this work does not require a lot of physical strength. From this example it can be seen that both men and women perform different jobs, a job where their strength would allow them to work for longer durations than would have been possible otherwise.

Secondly, in jobs where a more nimble hand is the requisite, female domination is observed as far as the number of employees is concerned. For example, a hospital generally has more female obstetricians than their male counterpart. An obstetrician's job does not reqiure him or hir to be very strong, rather it is the opposite that is more advantageous. Child birth is a very delicate process which requires less power on the obstetrician's side. So, females are more suited for this job as they are inherently less powerful than the males. From this example it is clear that in a delicate job such as this, having strenght does not gurantee success. Here also, due to their different physicality, men and women are differently suited.

In conclusion, some may say that people can adapt to different jobs and that women of the modern world are as powerful, if not more, as the men are, but it is not true for the entire world. Yes, women are increasingly gaining strength, but this is not on a universal scale. Women of the third world countries are still lacking strength posessed by the men of such countries, so, in these places and some of the more developed countries as well, both of them are differently suited for many tasks. Therefore, due to their different strength they

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