A nation should require all of its students to study the same national curriculum until they enter college

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A nation should require all of its students to study the same national curriculum until they enter college.

For ages, the admission requirements of national or international institutional colleges are based on number of factors ranging from final high school examination results, personal statements, national unified examination results, the institution's admission examinations amongst others. Of all these examples cited, the most considered are often the most unified test of knowledge examinations results in order to assess students on the same academic requirements and examinations conditions. However, there has always been a great disparity in some high school outputs of students that gain admission to colleges compared to others. As such, parents desire to enroll their children in such propitious school to ascertain the future studies of their children in a reputable school. In my opinion, the prompt that recommends all students in a nation should be required to study the same national curriculum is one I mostly disagree with for two reasons.

To begin with, the tenet of universities -where high school graduates hope to explore- is based on unity in diversification. In other words, the long existed culture of the colleges is to welcome students from diverse backgrounds and various exposures in the pursuit of a common goal towards the attainment of their college degrees and related ambitions. An attempt to mandate all high school students to operate under the same condition is incongruous to the expectations of colleges to welcome students of varying knowledge and notions of various academic and social discourse. For instance, college like Stanford, Harvard and MIT have long witnessed various students that once believed in their shrewdness based on their unmatched performances in high school. An institution like Stanford avail scholars from various institutions around the world discover that the amount of exposure you attain is proportionate to how much of an intellect a student think of him or herself. Consequently, students get challenged, collaborate, compete healthily in order to close the gap among themselves which would in turn bolster their intellectual prowess. Taking this academic diversification away and level of exposure will greatly reduce the academic disparity among various students and consequently the level of competition will not remain intense as previously encountered. Of course, such low level of competition will not be beneficial to students and not much of a difference would exist between colleges and high school competition intensity.

In furtherance, the recommendation to enforce the same national curriculum is a redundant one to say the least. Profoundly, national examinations like the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS and many more all have their curriculum published for high school to use in grooming their students. As such, the high school are given the autonomy to come up with their didactic approaches to preparing students for the unified examinations using the examination curriculum as a basis. Trying to look into how and the approaches high school employ to enforce a national ones is gratuitous as it would be better off for all high school to self assess their students and come up with the best curriculum that will produce the best results in their students' populace. For example, the curriculum used in an urbane area for the test of English should be different from that used in a rustic area where students are struggling with writing and listening. Trying to place the school on the same standard is a total disregard for the differences in both school. As such, schools should be permitted to sync their curriculum based on their students' academic level.

Nevertheless, they have been noticeable difference in the results of some schools to other schools. Some schools always perform better than some schools. They may be a need to employ the curriculum used by such schools in other schools. But the reality is that schools that tend to perform are private institutions that are free will to come up with their own curriculum. Government or publicly owned schools that utilized unified curriculum often struggle with the results. Evidently, there is a need to encourage diversification and independence among all schools on the national level rather than enforcing an approach that have been long futile in creating substantial changes.

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