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Some people argue that successful leaders in government, industry, or other fields must be highly competitive. Other people claim that in order to be successful, a leader must be willing and able to cooperate with others.Write a response in which you disc

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Leaders must possess honesty, integrity, determination, and problem-solving capabilities. The given statement compares two schools of thoughts, one is inclined towards cooperation is required for leaders to become successful whereas, another side leaned towards competition is necessary for a leader's success. It is important that a leader should have cooperativeness and healthy competitiveness to achieve success.

Firstly, leaders must be competitive so that they can be ahead of time and take strategic decisions that will help their team, their country, or their company. Leaders must be provident about their needs and about their actions. Currently, there is fierce race is going on in the smartphone market. Every Silicon company leader is fighting with others to making the best out of it. This competition is not only helpful for their industry but also helpful for customers. They are getting good service in a technology better price. Also, technology turn-around time is also getting lower which is also speeding up the innovations. Therefore, competition between leaders helps us to deliver better results.

Furthermore, leaders must engage in healthy competition as unhealthy competition is unethical and also against trading principles. Many large manufacturers keep the prices of their products low so that they can destroy small manufacturers and increase their market share. Such immoral practices lead to a biased environment and it kills opportunities for new entrants. Hence, leaders must work with empathy and integrity during competitive environment.

Finally, leaders must cooperate with each other to solve arduous problems ahead of human race. Currently, the world is facing issues such as global warming, nuclear proliferation, and world peace. Such problems can be solved by cooperation between global leaders. Competition in solving such problems is not helpful because actions from all individuals are expected. Thus, cooperation important to solve the problems which require global efforts.

In conclusion, from above all examples, leaders must collaborate to solve difficult problems which in infront of humanity. Leaders also compete with each other to provide better products and services to common people.

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