The surest indicator of a great nation is represented not by the achievements of its rulers artists or scientists but by the general welfare of its people

Generally a country is known by its varied culture, artists, groundbreaking achievements in field of research, and its defense system. But the most important part for a country's rudiment is the development of people residing in the country. A country is known by the quality of life lived by the country's citizens.

Firstly, the greatness of a country cannot be counted without the quality of life lived by the citizens. There are plenty of examples where the countries are developing at the speed of the bullet but the quality of living is deleterious. For instance let us take example of India, India is one of the fastest developing nations in the world. But the rate of poverty is nearly the same as it was in previous years. The number of destitute people is not decreasing, but the number of poor people is rather increasing. India has apex in many areas of research like "Maangalyaan", homemade multiple vaccines for covid virus, and many more but there is negligible improvement in quality of life. There are many places where people are living on side of roads, not having proper two meal course and other derogative qualities.

Secondly, the development of nation is also dependent on the expenditure power and employment of the citizens. Expenditure power and employment are the two most important terms, and which are also dependent on each other. If the employment increases, the source of income in a particular family increases. And as the income increases, an individual's power of expenditure increases. And as the expenditure power increases, the nation's development directly increases. Also, most important the quality of life improves.

Moreover, the indication of great nation is also dependent on the expectancy rate of their citizens. For example, China is a developed nation and it has acme in every possible field of technology. But the life expectancy of Chinese citizen is considered to be vaguely around fifty years which means a Chinese citizen live for 50 years only. Any success in research or any invention in technology cannot compensate for life of an individual.

On the other side, the rudiment in field of art, research in science, space exploration is also a pillar for development of country. Development of any country is dependent on the incentives received by scientists in field of science and technology. Quality of nation is dependent on different artists who have been accolade by many national and global awards like A.R. rahman, poet Rabindranath Tagore, Mother Terresa and other public and godly figures.

As one cannot clap with single hand, a nation cannot develop with the development in quality of life lived by citizens and development in field of art, science and technology. Every coin has two sides, same way the development of nation is dependent on all the factors affecting the nation.

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