The surest indicator of a great nation is represented not by the achievements of its rulers artists or scientists but by the general welfare of its people

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The surest indicator of a great nation is represented not by the achievements of its
rulers, artists, or scientists, but by the general welfare of its people.

A nation is a broad term encompassing a certain geographical boundary consiting of people living within the boundary as its 'citizens', governed by a set of rules and regulations with proper rights and duties allocated to every residence within the nation. However, when "greatness" is taken into account as a nation, the prosperity and wellbeing of its populace is the most imperative one to determine how great a nation is. The human civilization has seen the rise and fall of many nations; very few of them are remembered as 'great nations' today. In fact, out of all the 'great nations' recorded in the mankind's history, all of them possess a common characteristics i.e., prospoerity and welfare of its people.

There is no existence of nation without people -- a king or a dictator cannot rule an empty land. People who are laborers, potters, soldiers, artists, musicians, doctors, and of all age, sex, ethnicity, race, color, and background augment the notion of a country. Can we imagine the a great nation witout ensuring the welfare of these very people who make up the most critical element of the nation? Is it possible to applaud an empty land as a great nation when it doesn't even have the people to live in? The blatant answer is 'NO'. All the great nations have to have people who are willing to reside in, work for the benefit of their country, for the prosperity of their land. Only this will enable the nation to march towards the path of a truely 'great nation'. For example, in Hindu mythology, there was a great war in which a king destroyed his enemy country completely along with their majority of the people; when he went to the nation, he did not want to rule it since there was no one to rule over. Hence, before calling a nation great, it should have sufficient presence of people themselves to even be called a nation.

Furthermore, a great nation demands the welfare of its people. Could a nation be called great if its people are suffering from hunger all year round? When every nooks and corners of a country is resounding with cries and laments of children and mothers who lost their husbands and fathers in war, is that what we seek from a great nation? It would be a lie to designate a nation as great merely depending on the surfacial prosperity of the rulers, and wealthy landlords. For example, in the past, there were many small nations in India where rulers were believed to possess kindness and sympathy for their people, they used to feed their populace and listen their sorrows and attempted to solve their issues for real. However, there have many instances in the same nations where, after the change in rulers, the very nations were filled with sufferings and heartrending cries of the people. So, it is the welfare of the people that makes a nation great.

Admittedly, in today's context there are many indices such as Human development index (HDI), GDP, GNP, Per capita income, which are used as the most reliable measurements to assess the development of a country. All of these metric are basically centered around the welfare and prosperity of the population of the country. If a country has lower per capita income, for instance, then it means that an individual of that nation has a lower income and might not be able to sustain daily livelihood for himself. By contrast, a nation with higher per capita income indicates that the nation's population potentially has a higher standard of living, thereby suggesting that the nation is more developed as compared to the previous nation. For these reasons, since ancient civilization to current modern governments, every rulers, if they are aiming for a great nation, are obliged to prioritize the welfare of the people.

It is evident that a handful of upperclass people, rulers, scientists or nobilities with golden spoons are not enough to make a great nation. The nation requires a significant presence of people to be able to live within the boundary as its citizens, excercise sufficient rights and duties, as well as assurance of a quality of life and welfare of the populace. If these criteria are fulfilled, the nation could be truely called a great nation.

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