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You need to take leave from your work of over one-month for personal reasons. Write a letter to your boss.In your letterExplain the reason for the leave and the length of leave you need.Explain how you will keep up to date while you are awaySuggest how yo

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Dear Mr.Smith,

I am writing this letter to request permission to take some leave during the coming two months.

As you know, my wife also a Software Engineer, and She was requested to travel to Netherland to attend to customer site implementation. She should travel with our small child since he is very young, and always looking for his mother. Someone should be there to take care of my son when my wife is attending customer sites. This time I have to take that responsibility since we do not have any other person to protect my family. According to the plan, we have to leave here by September 01 and will be back on October 10. All together it will be twenty-five working days.

I will check the mails regularly and will be able to reply within the day. Moreover, I will join all critical meetings online. In addition to these, I will set up a meeting with people who are reporting to me, once a week.

I have cross-checked with the team whether they can cover my work, without mentioning the reason. They will be able to cover some work, however, there are some works which I should attend. If you can grant me working from home facility, then I may able to cover that as well. I will report the working time and consequently, I may able to reduce the number of leave days.

I look forward to hearing positive feedback from you.

Yours Sincerely,

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