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You need to take leave from your work of over one-month for personal reasons. Write a letter to your boss.In your letterExplain the reason for the leave and the length of leave you need.Explain how you will keep up to date while you are awaySuggest how yo

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Dear Mr. Ahmed,

Hope this letter find you radiant health and best spirit. My name is Zara noor, I am an export manager in S.S organization of Karachi branch. I am writing this letter just because of, I need leave from 22-Jan-2019 till 22-Feb-2019.

There are many reasons, Firstly my marriage has been fixed on 24-Jan-2019 in Islamabad at Taj Hotel. However, my whole family members and in-laws are living there. They take all the responsibility during my absence. Now, my shopping is instead remaining. On the other hand, i have no brother so, I can help out to my parents.

After, the wedding I have planned world tour with my husband and you know that, It is most precious moment of life. So, I really want to enjoy it. I send you my schedule of leaves through email along with this letter. I hope you will approve my leave and give me confirmation message.

If, you have any query regarding this letter. So you can contact me on 0004545526536.

Thanks for your kind behavior, I really fond of you.

Yours Sincerely,
Zara Noor,

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