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You need to take leave from your work of over one-month for personal reasons. Write a letter to your boss.In your letterExplain the reason for the leave and the length of leave you need.Explain how you will keep up to date while you are awaySuggest how yo

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Dear Mr. Jordan,
I am writing this letter to request your approval for the prolonged personal leave that I am going to avail and assure you that I will take the necessary steps to take care of my responsibilities during my absence.

Let me explain to you the reasons first, as I have already mentioned, my father is having severe heart problems of late and doctors diagnosed that an operation is compulsory for a permanent cure. However, we are informed that necessary medical infrastructure is not available in the town, accordingly, it can be done only in Bangalore and somebody should be there to take care of him during and post surgery. As my mother herself is rather weak, I have decided to take care of my other during this time.

During this period I will ensure that I will have laptop and internet connectivity with me at most of the times and answer queries from customers and management appropriately. Furthermore, I have also informed Mr. Jack and Mr. Sumithra about the relevant files and contact persons that I deal with on a regular basis to get the relevant jobs done. But, I have also ensured them they can reach me at any time for clarifications during this period.

I know it will cause you a great inconvenience, but I also certainly believe that you will understand my situation and grant me leave to attend my father's treatment.

Yours faithfully,

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