It has been observed that in many countries there are not enough students choosing to study science subjects at university. What do you think are causes of the problem? Are there any effects on society?

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The lack of students who chooses science subject have been a serious matter recently. This has caused both negative and positive effects on the society.

There are different reasons why science subjects is less favourable when choosing a major. First, science subjects are complex and difficult, thus requires intelligent and efforts of students. For example, an engineering major regardless of types requires students to pass at least 10 projects and a bunch of subjects with abstract and vast knowledge. Second, low startup remuneration is also the main caused for the decline of the science students. Many reseaches in developed countries point out that the startup salary of those study law and economics is at least twice times compare to science.

This tendency results in the increase of manpower within economics and some other sectors such as law, medical, etc.. Although it means that companies will find no difficulty when search for talents within those fields, there are devastating effects lie behind it. The lack of human resources in the scientific and technological field will slow down the development of countries or even the humanity.

In conclusion, the dedication of science students in university has bad effects on society. Governments should take action if any signs of this happen.

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