In many countries, schools have severe problems with student behaviour. What do you think are the causes of this?What solutions can you suggest?

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The aggressive behavior of the student becoming a mundane issue in all countries. There is a significant problem associated with it which require a solution. In this essay I will provide a reason behind this issue and solution to overcome this issue.
The main challenge related to this issue, Nowadays, Majority of students attracting towards social media, Internet, Flims and video games which mostly contain harsh things, So they implement in real life resulted aggresive behavior in school .secondly, Non-suitable surrounding environment at home and school. If parents and teachers behaving inappropriate way in front of childrens, Then they percive and implement in their own life, which makes them behaving aggresively in school premises. The research have shown that the majority acts of violence were committed by people who have abusive parents.
Last but not least, The lack of parents and teacher guidence about how children should suppose to behave socially. Because, Majority of parents are working so they unable keep attention on children throuhout the day and teaching them valuable lesson of life.
However, There are solution to this dillema is that, Teacher should be friendly with students so that children could express their point of view which makes easier for teacher to understand their opinions to mould them. Moreover, In school there must be physical activity like various sports, swimming in order to make them spent their time more productive way. which will helps them to keep their mind relax and deprive stress so they can well concentrate on study. Furthermore, There should be always one person around them to look at them all time and keeps away from external influences such as; T.V,internet and video games and flims which contain violences.
To put into nutshell, Aggresive behavior of students is a endangered issue for many countries. However, There are many remedy to overcome this issue.

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