In many countries, schools have severe problems with student behaviour. What do you think are the causes of this?What solutions can you suggest?

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In 21 centuries, educational institutions face plenty of problems with respect to students behavior in some nation. Through this essay, I shall embark light on the factors responsible for it and recommend some suggestions to overcome this problem.

Almost in every class, few pupils were indisciplined create uncomfortable environment during classroom session. There are voluminous reasons for this. The primary one is the attitude of tutor towards students, agressive behavior for instance. Sometimes, teacher show rude behavior due to which students donot accept it and create problems in school. In addition to this, lack of individual attention by the tutor is another crucial element cause such sort of obstacles. Whenever, teacher give preference to his favorite ones and ignore others. As a result, students feel inferiority in class and become agressive, so institute face hardles.

Beside it, lack of moral values among the youth is also crucial factor of it. Todays generation, ignore values like patience, respect of elders, responsibilities and many more. Consequently, youngsters are responsible for causing indispline in school.

To overcome this problem, teacher should follow some innovative techniques to tackle such naughty students. Firstly, show polite behavior by the teacher towards students is the best way to handle them. Teacher should behave like a facilitator, guide as well. Moreover, teacher should pay individual attention because in a single class plenty of students gain knowledge having different learning styles. Therefore, more important task for teacher to tackle them accordingly.

To make it crown, I pen down saying that nodoubt, indispline by students in schools is a main problem but it can be handle by tutor itself in a smarter way by treating them in a polite manner and special ones as well.

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